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Ann Rogers has been professionally in the equine industry for 35 years as a trainer, instructor, breeder, and consultant for locating and purchasing amateur and youth horses. Starting colts , training and showing the working horses has  been her preference over the years. Ann has found that PAIN causes 98% of the problems that develop during the horsesí training process. When pain occurs, the horse compensates itís line of movement in order to please the rider and becomes Therefore, the horse becomes unbalanced, degrading the horse's health, well-being and performance. Ann has developed an equine training program that will restore balance. Finding and eliminating pain in her training horses over the past 10 years have become a major part of her daily routine. Pain can be recognized by the horsesí eye appearance, body stance or carriage, sour ears, swishing tail, movement compensation, hesitation to go forward and or " leaving".  Incorrect structure, and alignment become major issues for pain control. A horse in whole health and free of pain is a perfectly balanced and superior athlete. Ann and her husband Lenny live in Powell Butte, Oregon.